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Cable Checker "Kanpeki/Wanmei"

Kanpeki/Wanmei checks cable conduction (Manual/Auto operation). Kanpeki/Wanmei works stand-alone and with a PC. When Kanpeki/Wanmei is connected to a PC, data on wiring conditions are editable.


Can test up to 104 points. Check correspondence of input and output one-by-one until every correspondence is verified. A connector part has two 50-pin connectors and one 5-pin connector.

  • CN-A: 50-pins (A01 to A50)
  • CN-B: 50-pins (B01 to B50)
  • CN-C: 5-pins (C01 to C04 and common terminal)

Extension Boards
With standard extension boards (two sets), Kanpeki/Wanmei can support a connector that has different number of pins and can be used for a jig (Pole numbers: 10, 14, 16, 20, 26, 30, 34, 40, 50). C01 to C04, are used to check a conduction between a shielding wire and a connector case.

You need a conversion jig to connect Kanpeki/Wanmei or extension boards to a targeted cable. if you do not have, we prepare it for you.

Five Test Modes

Probe Mode

Probe mode is a manual operation mode dedicated for a wiring check. Monitor conductions among 104 pins and connection with a probe common terminal. This mode is employed to check unfastened lead cables.

Image of Probe Mode Connection.

One-to-one Mode

Check straight cables with up to 50 pins one-to-one. Monitor a conduction between two cables connected on CN-A and CN-B.

Image of One-to-one Mode Connection

Master/Work Mode

Compare data on wiring conditions stored in Kanpeki/Wanmei with targeted cables. This mode works best at monitoring the same type of cables in large quantities.

Master/Work Mode Connection

Self-diagnosis Mode

Diagnose Kanpeki/Wanmei itself to find failures.

PC Mode

Check a conduction of cables with a PC. Can remotely monitor cable conditions in probe, one-to-one, and master/work modes. Data are checkable on a display, fascilitate monitoring.

PC Mode Connection

Software of Kanpeki/Wanmei

Kuroko, sister device of Kanpeki

Connection monitor Kuroko is a sister device of Kanpeki/Wanmei, and Kuroko can be connected to kanpeki or an expansion board to support visibility of Kanpeki (Kuroko is sold separately from Kanpeki/Wanmei and sold at 12000 Yen. Tax is not included).
Kuroko has high portablility, and you can take it wherever you want.
Kuroko helps you to conduct wiring work more efficiently. Kuroko, sister device of Kanpeki


Input and Output Specifications

Test Method
All-pin checking
Number of Circuits
(For input and output) 104 points
(CN-A: 50, CN-B: 50, CN-C: 4+probe common terminal)
Test Conditions
Under resistance values of 100Ω
(Should be less than 10 connections/one pin)
Less than 2.5m A/one pin (Changes according to the number of cable connections)
Semi-conductor Detection
Diode: Detect polarity (Can set two diodes in series)
LED: Disabled (Correspondense mode)


Stand-alone Checking
CN-A: 50P (Hirose HIF)
CN-B: 50P (Hirose HIF)
CN-C: 4P+ probe common terminal (Nichiatsu VHR)
Checking on PC
B-type USB
(Power source for circuit providable)

Operating Mode

Probe Mode
Manual mode for a wiring check
(CN-A, CN-B, CN-C: 104 points in total)
One-to-one Mode
One-to-one checking
(Between CN-A and CN-B)
Master/Work Mode
Comparison checking on 104 points
Self-diagnosis Mode
Diagnose Kanpeki/Wanmei itself to find failures
PC Mode
Conduction checking on a PC

Power Supply (3 ways)

AC adaptor (Normal voltage: AC100V - 6VDC, 0.5A)
5VDC, max.370mA, typ.140mA
6V, 650mAH (Ni-MH)
Operating time: More than 8 hours (When a battery is charged for 24 hours)

Dimension and Weight

Dimension (Case)
About 1,300g (Including battery)


¥90,000(Tax not included.)


  • Kanpeki/Wanmei (With battery)
  • Extension Boards (2 sets)
  • Flat Cable 50P:2 pieces
  • 5P Clip Code:1 piece
  • USB Cable 1.5m:1 piece
  • AC Adapter (AC100V)
  • Manual
  • Software (CD-R)
You can now try Kanpeki/Wanmei for free.
Kanpeki/Wanmei is your best choice for cable checking.

Software Lisence for "KANPEKI" of The Cable Checker "Kanpeki/Wanmei"

HOKUETSU DENKEN CORPORATION (Our Company, hereafter) permits you to use the software for the cable checker "Kanpeki/Wanmei" (This Software, hereafter) only when you comply with the software license. Please read lisence manual carefully. When you start using this software, you are considered to agree to the software license.
1 Our company has the copyright.
2. Our company will not take any responsibilities for loss and damages by the results of using this software.
3. You shall not analyze this software without permission.
4. This software is subject to change without notice.
5.This software is only for the cable checker "Kanpeki/Wanmei" and a customer only who purchased this product is granted to use a full version of this software (Trial version is downloadable).
*USB driver is needed to connect Kanpeki/Wanmei to a PC.
Download at the link under.


For inquiries about Cable Checker "Kanpeki/Wanmei", please use the email form.

Connection Monitor "Kuroko"

Connection monitor "Kuroko" is a portable, battery-powered device to check cable conductions.

Kuroko has a magnet on its back and you can set Kuroko on wherever you want.

Connecting kuroko to Kanpeki/Wanmei, You are able to check test results of Kanpeki on Kuroko when you can't check them on Kanpeki.

Kuroko is the best partner for Kanpeki. By using both of them, you can set Kanpeki to check conductions of wired cables automatically and use Kuroko for probe mode at the same time, which contributes to speeding up wiring checking.


LED: 50pcs
Supported Connector
Cable side: HIF3BA-50D-2.54R
Power Supply
AA batteries: 2pcs


¥12,000(Tax not included.)


  • Kuroko (batteries not included)
  • Clip and 1m of clip code: 1pce
  • Manual


For inquiries about Connection Monitor "Kuroko", please use the email form.