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The speed is different. Convenience is different.
NC Data Recorder

DR-Pro S can send and receive CNC data with SD and SDHC memory cards.

Data stored to a SD card is the format only for NC. You can't generate or edit the data on your computer.

※DR-Pro S works only in SPI mode.
CPRM is not used.
  • Receive / transmit / store / display NC data
  • Able to set a wide variety of parameters
  • Able to display SD card's information
NC Data Recorder


Compact and light-weight
DR-Pro S is equipped with a rechargeable battery in its compact body. You can bring and use it wherever you go.
Super high-speed communication
DR-Pro S can send and reveive a large amount of program data at super high speed.
It transmits and reveives data for 3,800 words per second at most.
(DR-Pro S can conduct data transmission at the above transmission rate when the device connected to DR-Pro S has the same data transfer capacity as DR-Pro S)
Supporting SD and SDHC cards
DR-Pro S is equipped with a slot for an SD card (Storage from 8M to 2G) and SDHC card (Storage from 4G to 32G). With SD and SDHC cards, DR-Pro S can transmit and receive a large amount of program data. (Mini-SD and Micro-SD cards can be usable with a card reader) *1.Data can be directly transmitted to/from a computer supporting SD and SDHC cards *2.

*1 SDXC card is not supported.
*2 Data can't be editted.
Supporting SD and SDHC cards
Automatic operation mode
You can control DR-Pro S from a CNC machine side remotely. DR-Pro S can almost automatically perform data transmission.
(Automatic mode is only for CNC and CAM machines supporting DC control code output)
Manual mode
DR-Pro S has manual mode. Manual mode allows you to transmit data in a variety of communication methods. It also allows you to connect DR-Pro S to tape reader and punchers.
etailed parameter settings
You can adjust detailed parameter settings including data transmission rate and delay codes to optimize data transmission conditions.
Automatic program number detection
When receiving data, DR-Pro S automatically detects a program number which follows "0" and record it to an SD card as a file name.
Simultaneous data transmission
You can transmit all data recorded in an SD card at the same time. It contributes to shorten data transmission time.


32 bits
Key Panel
Four-button key panel
Conforming to the EIA RS232C standard
Start BitFixed to one bit
Stop BitOne or two bits
Data Bit8 bits
Character CodeISO,EIA,ASCII
Control CodeDC1,DC2,DC3,DC4
Flow ControlRTS/CTS
Power Supply
Nickel-hydride batteryDC6V 600mAh
AC AdapterDC6V 600mA
Around 90(W) 140(D) 34(H)mm
Around 300g
Memory Card
SD card and SDHC card




DR-Pro S
(Tax not included.)


  • DR-Pro S
  • AC Adapter
DR-Pro S Special pack
(Tax not included.)


  • DR-Pro S
  • Cable RS152 (2m)
  • AC Adapter
  • Memory card
Cable Type

RS:RS-232 type|15:DR-150, DR-Pro series|2:Length(m)|-**:Marks for a customed cable


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Notice of end of sales of SRAM card for DR-Pro

Due to the end of production by the manufacturer, we will discontinue sales of SRAM card for DR-Pro as follows.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

1.Discontinued items

・Discontinued items Discontinued item SRAM memory card JS256G3-CZ-15

2.Reason for discontinuation

・Because the manufacturer discontinued the production, they are no longer available.
-Due to the drastic decrease in demand in recent years and the aging of production equipment, the manufacturer has stopped the production.

3.End of sale schedule

・Orders will no longer be accepted from the end of March 2019
-If you place an order now (as of September 2018), the delivery will be about 2 to 3 months later.
Demand is expected to increase due to the end of production. The later you place an order, the longer the delivery time will be, so please place your order as soon as possible.

4.Presence or absence of alternatives

・There is no substitute. Therefore, please consider purchasing the newest model DR-Pro S (SD card compatible).