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Business in China

Hokuetsu Denken (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a 100% independent capital company invested by Hokuetsu Denken Corporation in Japan.
Since its establishment in 2002, we have been designing, developing and selling control devices.

Control panel business

Since its establishment, we have manufactured control panels for many Japanese companies in China.

Even for making control panels in Japan, we can import and use high quality metal boxes and parts from China to reduce production costs.
We will propose the best cost reduction plan for our customers.

We can hold business meetings in Japan for China make.
Payment inside Japan is also possible. * There are some restrictions

We also propose replacements with locally procured parts.

There are many partner companies all over China.
We also support machine install and maintenance inside China.

Textile business

We develop, produce and sell controllers for water jet looms and air jet looms. All customers are Chinese companies. Our controllers have been adopted by many Chinese loom makers and have been reputed for the quality. In 2010, we were approved to join the China Spinning Machinery and Equipment Industry Association, and we are doing business in China as a reliable manufacturer.