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Electrical Device

Power supply

We have developed various types of power supplies including power supplies for a discharge lamp, ultrasound-generating machine, power-factor improvement, and precision measurement machine. We design a power supply according to your requirements.

DC Power Supply


Our DC power supply stably provides wide-ranging voltage and current for electrical experiments and electric power system. Voltage and current are output in continuous variation.

We design a DC power supply according to your requirements.
For details, please contact us.
AC180 ~ 220 [V]、50 ~ 60[Hz]
DC0 ~ 35 [V]、100 [A]、 3500 [W]

Large-capacity DC Power Supply

Our company develops a large-capacity DC power supply which can be produced with general semiconductors available on the market.
For example, we produce a DC power supply for a sintering machine employed to sinter ceramics and melt materials. A power supply for a sintering machine should have output capacity of dozens of kilowatts at least, and a large type of a sintering machine needs output capacity of more than several thousands of kilowatts.
Developed Product(Joint Development with Sinter Land Corporation)

Medium-sized DC Power SupplyLarge Capacity of 12V 1,250A

Three-phase AC200 [V]、50 ~ 60 [Hz]
12 [V]、1,250 [A]
Width 607mm × Length 502mm × Height 543mm

Large-sized DC Power SupplyLarge Capacity of 10V 10,000A

Three-phase AC200 [V]、50 ~ 60 [Hz]
10 [V]、10,000 [A]
Width 1,125mm × Length 1,000mm × Height 1,830mm

Power Supply for Discharge Lamp

To light up a discharge lamp, you need a power supply matching the discharge lamp's starting voltages, discharge current, and starting characteristics.
We produce a power supply for the discharge lamp used for industrial purposes. Our company also develops a large-sized power supply for large equipment.
【Developed Product's Specifications】
Output Capacity
240 ~ 2,000 [W]
Output Frequency
100 ~ 20,000[Hz]
Required time for development: 3~6 monthes (Required time varies according to specifications)

Power Supply for Ultrasound-generating Machine

This type of a power supply provides electricity to drive ultrasound-generating oscillator (Mainly made of piezoelectric ceramics) for a ultrasonic cleaner employed to clean a printed circuit board, electronic and mechanical parts, medical equipment and so on.
A power supply for an ultrasound-generating machine must be developed exclusively according to a type of the oscillator you use.
We also have a power supply which is added a function to vary its resonance frequency automatically to oscillator's frequency.
【Developed Product's Specifications】
Output Volume
1,200 [W]
Output Frequency
430 [kHZ] With phase-tracing function
Output Current
0~12 [A] ・・・ Variable with a knob
Monitoring Function
Output frequency, output current, output electrical power, temperature of piezoelectric element
Protection for piezoelectric element against an overheat (Measure temperature with thermocouple)

Power Supply for Power-factor Improvement

【Developed Product's Specifications】
Power Voltage
Single phase AC200/220V 50/60Hz
Output Volume
900 ~ 1,500 [W]
Output Voltage
Power Efficiency
Measured Values: More than 99.9%
Measured Value: About 97% (In AC200V), About 98% (In AC220V)

High Precision Power Supply (For Measurement)

【Developed Product's Specifications】
Input Voltage
DC24 [V]
Output Voltage
DC9.0 [V] ±0.25% (0 - 60℃) 15 [mA]
・・・・ Addaptable to ±0.05[%]
Temperature Coefficient ±20 [ppm/℃]
・・・・ Addaptable to ±10 [ppm/℃]
We develop a power supply in other specifications mentioned above according to your requirements.
Required time for development: 1.5 monthes (Required time varies according to specifications)

Detailed specifications are omitted for confidentiality.
Contact us for further information.

Circuit for Measurement

Design the circuit board according to your requirements.
【Developed Products】
  • Circuit Board for Temperature Measurement (With Thermocouple and Thermistor)
  • Circuit Board for Encoder Input
  • LVDT Single Conditioner
  • Pressure Sensor Circuit Board
  • 4-20mA Input Circuit Board


Convert input signals from sensors into operation-fascilitating signals or signals for control.
【Output Type】
Convert to digital signals.
Output through serial communication (RS-232C, RS485, CAN)
Output through parallel communication.
Convert to analog signals
Non-linear signal → Linear signal
Convert a signal level.
Display values (7 segment LED or LCD).
Level meter
Display a result compared with threshold.
Convert signals for control.
Calculation Output
Calculate measured values and output the result.

Protection against Noizes

Design a circuit board protected against noizes.

Provide Solutions for Difficult Problems

  • Correct temperature characteristics by harnessing temperature characteristics of the same parts
  • Correct differences arising from thermoelectromotive forces
  • Determine standard voltages according to characteristics of a sensor.

Concurrent Multi-axial Control Board

This circuit board controls a grinder processing three-dimensional work.
With this controller, you can carry out five-axial linear interpolation and two-axial arc interpolation control.


  • Can control all five axises concurrently and order each of axises to move in different speed.
  • Can carry out grinding in an arc interpolation movement with assigned two axises.
  • Applicable to a grinding in the speed of 4 mega pulse/second, and can accelerate and decelerate in a grinding in trapezoid and s-shape.
  • Equipped with a serial I/F supporting a display panel with a touch sensor.
    Can control in dialogic operation.
  • Can write and read data on-board.
  • Equipped with a high capacity memory with battery backup function. Collected data are safely managed.


  • Microcomputer-applied Control board
  • Embedded Software
  • Concurrent Multi-axial Interpolation Control
Detailed specifications are omitted for confidentiality.
Contact us for further information.

Control device for vehicles for rail way, marine, and high place

We have experience in development of control devices for railway vehicles (diesel railcars), marine vehicles, and vehicles for high place (orchards). We can develop those controllers.
Not only quality control, you need to meet requirements for strict environment-resistant performance for this type of controllers. Expertise in circuit design is necessary.

Embedded Software

Embedded system is employed to operate machinery ranging from an industrial machine to home appliances, and a software controlling embedded system is called embedded software or microcomputer software.

PC takes on operation for multi-purposes. On the other hand, embedded system is optimized for a certain function. Embedded system performs more efficient than a PC when employed for a single intended purpose.

Developing an embedded system requires advanced expertise. When building an embedded system, a software and hardware are developed concurrently. Usable resources (ROM, RAM, and CPU) for an embedded system are limited for a small vacancy. Failures are likely to happen in both a software and hardware and discerning which of them is responsible is not easy task to be done. Therefore, an embedded system developper must have deep understanding in both of the two distinctive fields.



Renesas Type
RX200 Series
RX600 Series
RL78 Series
SH-2 Series
SH-2E Series
H8SX/1500 Series
H8S/2200 Series
H8S/2300 Series
H8S/2600 Series
SH Tiny Series
H8 Tiny Series
R8C Series
MELPS 470 Series
MELPS 770 Series
Intel Type
i8030 Series
i8040 Series
i8080 Series
Zilog Type
Z80 Series
TMPZ84 Series
HD64180 Series
TMP86 Series
TMP87 Series
PIC16 Series

Used Computer Language

  • C (Programming Language)
  • Assembler

Windows-based Software

Develop a software for measurement machine running on Windows OS.

*Formal name of Windows® is Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
*Microsoft® and Windows® are a registered mark or trade mark of MicrosoftCorporation in America and other countries.

PC-based Control System for Measurement Machine

We have long experiences in producing a PC-based control system for a measurement machine.
Calculate, edit, and process intricate advanced data more efficiently on a PC, outperforming NC device or PLC.
Our control system makes the most appropriate choice for your measurement machine.


  • Carry out intricate calculation
  • isplay processed data in a graph
  • Can control a machine in a dialogic operation
  • Carry out statistical processing with collected data.
  • Can overview current status real time
    When a PC carries out whole data processing including data from an encoder and load cell, you can grasp device condition real time.
  • Work-sharing
    By assigning a PC to carry out a measurement control and PLC to control a machine movement separately, facilitate control of complex measurement, a setting change, and maintenance.

Used Computer Language

  • C
  • Basic