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Motor Sport
Auto Time Check System(LDAC)

Motorsport auto time check system (LDAC) automatically counts raps and rap time of racing vehicles.
Data receiver is set under the control gate, and LDAC counts raps and rap time by collecting data of racing vehicles emitted from a transmitter.
LDAC-SP is a high-end time checker optimized for full-blown circuit use.

LDAC-SP (Windows version)

"LDAC-SP (Windows version)" is a high-spec race timekeeping system designed for full-scale circuit use.
LDAC can be used regardless of whether vehicles are 4-wheel, 2-wheel, or cart. LDAC is possible to detect vehicles moving at high speed.
It can be installed at any circuit site where a control gate is installed.
(If you don’t have a control gate at your circuit, we can make it)

Real-time editing is realized with many functions that are easy to use. LDAC supports Windows.

  • Athletes registration Athletes registration
  • Race timekeeping Race timekeeping
  • Result 1 heat Result 1 heat


  • Applicable to a various type of race courses covering from a full-blown racing to bicycle racing.
  • Check maximum 250 vehicles at a time.
  • Applicable to various racing styles (Time trial, endurance race, and etc.).
  • Data collected in each race are processed by a computer.
  • Dialogic operation (In Japanese language)
  • Show raps and rap time real time -By setting up a pit sensor, you can check data of vehicles passing by a pit.
  • Print out real time data of racing vehicles.
  • Display and print out race results instantly.


Maximum Detectable Speed
350 km/h (max.)
Maximum Number of Detectable Channels at One Race
250 Channels
Accuracy of Time Display
1/1000 sec.
Accuracy of Time Check
±1/1000 sec.
Detectable Width of Course Sensor
Cover total width of a course
Detectable Width of Pit Course Sensor
Cover total width of pit course
Maximum Operating Time of Transmitter
8 hours (with full-charged battery)
Maximum Displayable Time
9 hrs 59 min 59 sec and 999
Maximum Checkable Race Time
99hrs 59 min 59 sec and 999
*Official name for Windows® is Microsoft® Windows® Operating System.
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