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DENKEN is the most skillful in developing analog and digital circuits. To produce a high performance and quality device at low costs, each of parts used is carefully chosen. We design a fine product with our long experiences and expertise. Introduce the features on our technology.

We design from small lots.

From prototype make to bulk production, we design according to your demand and budget. We have many friend suppliers who can provide materials at competitive prices. We choose the best supplier based on your requirements.

We can also renew electrical circuits.

We make use of our experience to renew the circuits that are no longer available. We have done thousands times of circuit designs. We can design the best substitutes for you.

We can also get parts that are difficult to procure

We can procure parts that are no longer available in Japan through our Shanghai office. China is the factory for the world. Especially electronic parts, we have many procurement channels.

We are focusing on stability and costs.

We have produced water jet loom controllers more than 40 years. Water jet looms are used in harsh conditions with high humidity. From this experience, we can design environment-resistant circuits.

Examples of our products

Some of our confidential information are disclosed for your reference.
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Design flow


Design external and circuit diagrams based on customers’ request.


Select the necessary parts according to the external and circuit diagram.

We select the best parts according to required specs and your budget. The pictures below show switches, variable resistors, and radiators made outside Japan. They are compatible with the ones made by Japanese manufacturers and they are about 1/3 to half the price. We have a lot of information of parts made overseas and we can select the most suitable parts among them.

We make a prototype based on external and circuit diagrams and parts lists.

We apply a moisture-proof coating on PCBs after mounting parts. Applying the coating is what we always do and this process greatly lengthen product life.

After developing software, we practice various functioning tests for the prototype.

We have developed thousands of embedded software in C language and Assembler.

If corrections are required, we fix them to finish the product.

Development cost

In this example,
Electronic parts / raw board procurement cost
(at lot of 200 units)
The procurement cost for electronic parts and raw boards is approximately 7,490 yen (for a lot of 200 units). In a quotation submitted to a customer, we will add to the value other costs such as parts mounting, moisture-proof coating, inspections costs. (Inspection costs vary greatly depending on the customer's specifications)
Development costs for this example are
Hardware design cost
(circuit design cost + pattern design cost)
Initial fee
Software development cost(development period about 1 month)
Total development cost(excluding case design)
The hardware design cost is about 600,000 yen, and the initial cost such as the board plate fee is about 140,000 yen. The board plate fee includes about 80,000 yen for the electrical inspection cost (initial cost) of the product. The software development cost varies greatly depending on the content, but since this example is for our restyling product, it costs about 640,000 yen for a development period of about one month. Therefore, the total development cost is about 1.38 million yen. (Does not include case design, etc.)
Product prices and development costs may vary greatly depending on the project, but we will try to propose the lowest prices as much as possible.